As a member of the MyOpinionNow.com panel, you will frequently be asked for your opinions on ideas for products or services that are not yet available in the marketplace. In exchange for the opportunity to tell manufacturers your opinions, we require that you sign a Membership Agreement. This is a legally binding agreement stating that you will keep the information that you see in each interview confidential. As such, you will promise not to copy, print or download any part of the interview including the pictures, if any, that were shown to you. You will not discuss the subject of any of these surveys in chat rooms or bulletin boards online. It also states that you agree to have others in your household keep this information confidential. Any breach of security will be grounds for immediate removal from the panel and may be grounds for legal action.

In addition, you confirm that neither you nor anyone in your household or immediate family is employed in a consumer package goods company, marketing research company or department or the advertising industry. Falsification of this information may be grounds for legal action. We take this agreement seriously and expect that you do as well. Failure to comply will result in your immediate removal from our panel and may be grounds for legal action.

The following types of activities will result in removal and may be grounds for legal action:

  1. Posting of product names, descriptions, or pictures in chat rooms, bulletin boards or blogs
  2. Copying of product ideas
  3. Selling test product/offering test product for sale
  4. Discussing the survey or any material (picture, advertising, concept or product) with anyone unless the survey requires you to do so.

By digitally signing this legally binding agreement, you will confirm that the above statements are true and that you will abide by them. Should you break the agreement it will result in termination of your membership and will be grounds for legal action.

Should you decide to unsubscribe from MyOpinionNow.com, you agree to completely forfeit any points you have accumulated up to this point. Should you decide to return to the panel, you will not be able to retrieve these points.

We reserve the right to terminate your account and/or remove your points for any conduct we deem detrimental to MyOpinionNow.com such as, but not limited to, creating multiple accounts, providing inaccurate registration/profile/survey information, abusing the referral program, reproducing the intellectual property and contents of MyOpinionNow.com without our expressed written consent, improperly using the community forum (inappropriate language, spamming, harassing other members), etc.

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