We all have opinions – believes you should be rewarded for them! Your opinion goes a long way and is much more influential than you think. It helps major companies make decisions on the future design and development of their products and services. In other words, by giving us your opinion, you help these companies learn how they can better serve you in the future.

To show our thanks for your becoming a member of and giving us your valuable opinion, you will be enrolled in our RewardPoints Program. Every time you complete one of our fun online surveys you will earn RewardPoints. The amount of RewardPoints that you earn depends on the length of the survey you participate in. The RewardPoints you earn are redeemable for cash – unlike many other survey websites, which force you to choose from unappealing merchandise “prizes.”

You can redeem your RewardPoints as soon as you reach one of the redemption levels listed below. You can also continue to save your RewardPoints for an even greater reward—the choice is yours. You decide what you want, when you want it.

Level 1: 20,000 RewardPoints Level 6: 120,000 RewardPoints
Level 2: 40,000 RewardPoints Level 7: 140,000 RewardPoints
Level 3: 60,000 RewardPoints Level 8: 160,000 RewardPoints
Level 4: 80,000 RewardPoints Level 9: 180,000 RewardPoints
Level 5: 100,000 RewardPoints Level 10: 200,000 RewardPoints

You simply need a minimum of 20,000 RewardPoints to redeem for cash: this is equivalent to $20. If you have a point balance that falls between any of our levels and want to redeem, you will receive a check for the highest point level you qualify for, and the additional points will remain in your account.

For example, if you have a balance of 70,000 RewardPoints and you request a check, you will receive a check for $60 and have 10,000 RewardPoints remaining in your account.

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