REFERRAL MARKETING offers members a way to earn unlimited RewardPoints by marketing our panel to others: friends, family, or a wider audience.

Once you are a member, you are given a unique link that will track your referrals. This link can be found in your member home page when you are logged in. It is your key to earning even more RewardPoints!

All that’s left is to share the link with potential new members. This can be as simple as copying and pasting your link to your friends, family, and other contacts – through emails, instant messages, social media profiles, etc.

We also encourage you to promote more broadly across the web. banners can be found on your member home page; simply click the link that says "Banners", choose one you like, and copy the code into your website. Whether you are a large network, content site or blogger, spreading the word about can help you monetize your website.

Like online survey taking, affiliate marketing is a great non-traditional way to earn money online from the comfort of home, or wherever you happen to be.

For each person who clicks your link and joins, you will earn 250 RewardPoints. Once that new user takes their first profile survey, you will earn 500 additional RewardPoints, for a total of 750 RewardPoints. Points will appear in your balance immediately.

Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to earn cash! Sign up and start referring today!

* reserves the right to remove points for referrals who unsubscribe within 14 days of joining.

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